Sciatica, Hip And Lower Back Symptoms

      • Hip pain
      • Pain down the side of leg
      • Tingling pain in leg
      • L4/L5/S1 back pain
      • Tightness of lower back
      • Pain in buttocks

(Pain can vary from a mild ache to a sharp burning sensation or excruciating pain, symptoms of numbness, tingling, or muscle weakness in leg or foot.)


SCIATICURwill give patients their active lifestyle back, relieving sciatica and lower back pain. Successful treatment will have the patient walking immediately with little to no pain, reduce or eliminate dependency on prescription/pain medications. Another benefit of this treatment is the patient’s ability to exercise and lose weight. *

Please view our testimonials for further proof of this amazing new technique!

*We cannot guarantee this procedure’s success until we give the patient a “complimentary” test injection to gauge a patient’s response before treatment begins.

Who We Can Help

The SCIATICUR treatment helps: 

      • Eliminate sciatica pain
      • Patients considering back surgery
      • Pregnant women with leg pain and lower back pain
      • Patients considering hip replacement
      • Ongoing chiropractic adjustments
      • Arthritic Symptoms of Hip and Lower Back
      • Patients with failed back surgery
      • Patients suffering with back and leg tightness and limited back mobility
      • Groin pain

SCIATICUR™ Procedure

The SCIATICUR™ procedure includes: 

      • Injection into the patient’s foot, providing relief within 10 minutes.
      • Patient “fitting” for a custom/patented “Perfect Posture” Orthotic (the root of sciatica pain and lower back pain stems from poor posture, leading to a poor structural foundation of the body.  Our unique orthotic will control the foot and gait to help relieve stress put on the sciatic nerve.

FREE Evaluation

Because our groundbreaking procedure may not be effective for everyone, we now offer a COMPLIMENTARY test injection to determine if the injection will in fact work for you. If the test injection does NOT work, there is no charge. If the test injection DOES work, we will determine the next steps for your SCIATICUR.

About Dr. Roth

Ivar E. Roth DPM / MPH is a foot and ankle surgeon certified by the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery, practicing in Newport Beach, CA for 35 years. He received his master’s degree in Public Health from University of Illinois and his doctorate in Podiatric Medicine from Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine.

Dr. Roth completed a 3-year surgical foot and ankle Residency. He began his training at Franklin Boulevard Community Hospital – Chicago, IL under highly acclaimed Podiatric Surgeon O.A. Mercado DPM. In his 3rd year of Residency, he became the Chief Resident at Mount Sinai Hospital – Chicago, IL under world renown surgeon Dr. Lowell Scott Weil DPM.

Dr. Roth was the founding chairman at Hoag Hospital – Newport Beach, Podiatry Section. He founded and currently practices at Concierge Podiatry & Spa – Newport Beach, offering many unique treatments, including SCIATICUR, Neuropathycur™, and Nailcur™.

Success Stories

This patient has dealt with Sciatica since her 2007 pregnancy – she is now pain free.

This patient’s leg pain was reduced from an “8” to a “1”, as well as no longer experiencing pain in her hip.

This patient had right hip pain after fracture last year and a long history of Sciatica. He experienced instant relief.

This patient had back pain and limited back flexibility – now his pain is gone and his flexibility is back.

This patient had years of chronic back and sciatica pain. She is now pain free.

This patient had pain in her hip so severe she thought she needed hip
surgery, but after our procedure she is now pain free without surgery.

This patient was experiencing left leg and buttock pain and was told she needed surgery. She is pain free now.

This patient suffered from hip pain for the last year. Now completely pain free.

This patient had pain in her lower back and down the right side of her leg – she is pain free now.

This patient had pain after back surgery one year ago. Sciatica
pain in buttock and leg are now gone.